This magazine has been in the works for nearly a year and we are very proud to finally get it to you. Below you will find a download button so you can download in .PDF format. It is a larger file, but the URLs are all hyperlinked.

You can also see below an online version of the magazine. It will look best in Full Screen Mode. As of now this version does not have clickable links.

Hello everyone. Welcome to Crafting Geeks and for coming to check out our new magazine.

Please use the form below to leave us some feedback. What you like, what you think could be changed, even what you want to see in future issues. I take all feedback to build this for the community.

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McRoMusic creates weekly, original music specifically for TTRPG/D&D sessions, podcasts, and streams. Music is uploaded every Friday at 9am EST. McRoMusic also works with other...

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