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Level 48 Designer/Photographer/Poet, Pathfinder/DnD, Cajun, Geek/Nerd, Comic Collector, Dice Goblin, Toy collector, Celtic Viking, Married Pansexual. I paint dice boxes and create D20 centric designs
Anime / pop culture tattoo shop but all tattoos and walk ins are welcome! Come check us out
Hello! We’re 19 hits the Dragon a discussion podcast about DND, TTRPGS, and other nerdy things. We post new episodes every Friday. Join us
We are educators and musicians bringing in the next generation of TTRPGers. Our blog follows the tale of our family friendly adventure. Featuring our
Knitting obsessed geek with more ideas then free needles or time. Knit and crochet designs. Everything form socks to shawls to sweaters. Designs are inspired
like the breeze across a wooded valley at dusk, the racing lights of a magitek city, or a steamy food cart run by an
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